The Abandoned Shrine was a location in the video game Secret of the Divine Jewel.


Inuyasha and his friends arrived at Yamasachi Village, they came across some Shinidamachū that it belong to Kikyō. Inuyasha then left the others in the hopes of finding Kikyō. The rest of the group traveled to a shrine as soon as they entered the mist while follow the soul collectors. Kagome wanted to wait along the path. Sango and Miroku decided to stay with her while Janis and Shippō went on ahead.

Shippō told Janis all about Inuyasha's history with Kikyō, then Inuyasha has strong feelings for Kagome, and get over in which unknown to get his feelings back to Kikyō, he's always going back and forth between the two, Janis thinks "that's one thing I can never be okay with". He soon disappeared as the two of them approached the shrine gate. Janis came face to face with Kikyō as she entered the shrine. She asked Kikyō where Inuyasha was. Kikyō said that Janis was the one she wanted to see and that anyone else would only get in the way. She sensed the power of a god that Janis possessed and warned her of the dangers it possessed for humans. She warned her that she not let Janis take Inuyasha away from her with that power.

Before Kikyō could do anything else, Monk Sen arrived to intervene. She told Janis to run away while and then told Kikyō that she don't want to fight her "undead priestess" and Inuyasha needed to complete Janis' journey. Monk Sen then disappeared. Kikyō had sensed that Monk Sen was also under the control of the Demon Blood Binding Spell, and was undead like her.

As Janis ran away, the mist has cleared away, she paused for a moment and wondered if Monk Sen would be alright. As Janis went back to the old shrine along, Janis realized that Monk Sen and Kikyō are both gone in which that's a sort a relief though. As she made her way back to the others, she saw that Inuyasha had returned, Shippō said he was sorry, "it became misty all of a sudden, and I couldn't see where you were". Kagome was mad at him for leaving to see Kikyō, but Miroku suggested that they leave and move on. Before they head back to Yamasachi Village, Miroku asked Janis that did she see Kikyō, as Inuyasha never found Kikyō, Shippō didn't either, Janis did, she saw her. That makes Inuyasha surprised as Kikyō wanted to meet Janis, she don't know why, Kikyō said something about the power of the god and maybe wants the Kamui too. Inuyasha thinks that "Kikyō, after the Kamui? There is no way!"


  • The shrine is one of the locations where the player can meet up with Hachiemon and have him fly them anywhere in the game.

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