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Akuru is a spirit who has been around since the Age of the Gods. Akuru, the one who opens doorways through time, it is said that only those who have been chosen by the ages can see him. According to legend, he takes the form of a little child holding a pinwheel.


Akuru (阿久留) is a supporting character of Hanyō no Yashahime. He wielded a mystical pinwheel that is linked with the ancient and infinitely powerful Windmill of Time itself and, as such, is coveted by Kirinmaru the Beast King of the East, to gain control of the Windmill of Time, so he can travel to the modern era and be worshiped as a god.


The demon spirit of spacetime is a primary target of Kirinmaru's sinister ambition to bring forth an irreversible "Degenerate Age" by taking his strong mystical pinwheel and use it to force the ancient and supremely powerful Windmill of Time to move forward to affect the modern era directly and ultimately destroy it.

Sesshōmaru and Jaken were requested by Kirinmaru to locate him, but has been eluding them for fourteen long years.

He appeared to Towa as she was applying hand cream to herself, before Riku, and Rion arrives. He appeared before Setsuna as she was applying hand cream to herself. During a confrontation with Kirinmaru, Towa almost runs over the little spirit which confuses the Beast King of the East, Riku, and Rion as to what distracted her.[1]

As Kirinmaru stands in front of the Windmill of Time near the palace of Sesshōmaru's mother's, he sees Akuru in attempts to capture him. Kirinmaru, still following Akuru down the hole of the clouds to surface. As Moroha and Takechiyo sits on the Bone-Eater's Well, while Moroha holds the Black Pearl thinking about to meet her parents, and gets ready to see them, but then, she saw Akuru the first time except for Takechiyo, until Kirinmaru arrives that he tells her she has a sight, before he takes it as he tells her to find and bring Akuru's pinwheel to him or she'll never see her parents again.[2]

While Moroha fights the Beast King head-on to retrieve the Black Pearl, Moroha sees Akuru run off relentlessly pursued by Kirinmaru, he reappears nearby her which she notices. She reminded herself from Rion back at Mount Musubi, warns them about Akuru and the Windmill of Time.[3] Some time later, he appears to lend assistance to the Sacred Tree of Ages in reviving an unconscious Towa and he recover Towa, she smiled as he waved at her. During Inuyasha, Kagome, and Moroha's battle with Kirinmaru, as they heard that they're going back to the modern era to destroy the Grim Comet, Moroha and Inuyasha have a first met with Akuru, he grabs her left arm as her father knows that Akuru tells her to go with them, Jaken and the others are going as Takechiyo will carry them, and Akuru rides on Takechiyo with them that can leads to the palace of Towa and Setsuna's grandmother's where the twins will meet their grandmother as they pass by and saw the Windmill of Time.[4]

Snuggling on the lap of Sesshōmaru's mother, he presented his pinwheel to Towa. He then followed the Half-Demon Princesses as Towa utilized it to open a doorway/portal through time to return to the modern era. When Towa, Setsuna, and Moroha are trapped in the modern era, Akuru used the last of his power to open a portal for the three to return to the feudal era at the cost of his life.


Akuru's nature is similar to that of a curious child, being intrigued by objects from the modern era including the hand cream and bicycle.

Physical Description

Akuru appears to be a child with peach skin and light brown hair with a pony tail tied by a yellow ribbon on the back of his waist, holding his pinwheel.

Powers & Abilities

  • Immortality: As a spirit/deity of time, he cannot die, having been around since the gods themselves.
  • Invisibility: Akuru has the ability to conceal his presence from everyone around him. However, the Dog Demon clan members are able to see him.
  • Healing: By spinning his pinwheel, Akuru can heal any individual that is out of haku/kon to awaken them from their comatose state.

Weapons and Equipment

  • Windmill of Time: With his pinwheel spinning, he can open a portal in one of its gears to any time he desires.
  • Pinwheel: It seems to be capable of affecting spacetime in various ways, though this has yet to be revealed. It can also save those who have been drained dry of their very life-force essence (haku/kon).


  • Despite concealing his presence from everyone except the Dog-Demon clan members, he can be located through the sound of his pinwheel.
  • His ability to tear doorways in the fabric of space-time is reminiscent of Sailor Pluto the Sailor Guardian of Space-Time.
  • He has no lines.



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