Armor (, よろひ, "Yoroi") is a style of dress worn by warriors to give them added protection in battle. Armor is usually made up of various components made of varying materials. Normally, the most effective armor was composed of plates, made of some sort of metal, but alternative materials range from clay to wood. In Japan, samurai were known for their decorative armor; composed of lacquered metals and leather. These arrangements were designed to give a samurai the best protection, while allowing for the greatest range of movement possible. Armor was expensive and only wealthy warriors could afford to, own wear, and maintain a full set.

Even demons often wear some sort of armor. This ranges from Sesshōmaru, who wears only a breastplate, to full-body armor worn by demons like Ryūjin. Some demons, however, possessed natural armor; especially turtle demons such as Genbu, Gōra, and Meiōjū. Most demons encountered by Inuyasha and his group of friends wear light armor similar to Sesshōmaru's, composed primarily of a breastplate and some sort of shoulder pauldrons, distinctive of the light armor of Japan. However, some demons have armor that is either influenced by or directly from the mainland, primarily China. This includes Menōmaru, his father and the Hyōga clan from the mainland of Mongol, as well as three of the four members of the Shitōshin. Their armor is more comprehensive, though still relatively light-weight, and included armored skirts, breastplates or leather jackets, as well as pauldrons and knee-high boots.

Konton made the armor to protect himself: first the Meiōjū Armor, and the Second Armor. The wolf yōkai Yawaragi used the Armor of the Iron Rat to protect herself made by the rat yōkai but it got cursed to gradually crush and kill its wearer.

Wolf demons who are in human form also tend to always wear armor. It is implied that this is only worn from a certain age because Kai and Shinta do not wear armor.

Half-demons also occasionally wear armor. Two examples are Fūta and Raita. However, Sara Asano also wore an armor after becoming a half-demon.

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