Ayumi (あゆみ, "Walking Beauty") was one of Kagome's three best friends in modern-day Japan.


Ayumi attended the same school with Kagome Higurashi. After Kagome started traveling to the feudal age, and thus missing more school, her grandfather would lie to her friends that she was sick in order to cover for her. Whenever Kagome did return home, she would frequently hang out with Ayumi and her other friends at Wacdnalds and talk about personal matters (mostly about Kagome's love life). Kagome would usual complain to them about Inuyasha due to his angry disposition, as well as him frequently two-timing her with her ex-girlfriend. The continuing drama got Kagome's friends immensely interested in Kagome's relationships, as a result, with Ayumi being the only one of them the supported Kagome and Inuyasha's relationship.

During a visit to Kagome's house after school, Ayumi and her friends wanted to meet Inuyasha after finding out that he was there. Initially, they could not find them, but were suddenly surprised when Inuyasha suddenly approached them in Kagome's room through her window when Kagome left them for a moment.[1] After covering with Inuyasha for a while, Ayumi and the others had a good impression of Inuyasha in spite of all of Kagome's past complaining of him.

Three years later after Kagome successfully destroyed the Shikon no Tama (and was thus cut off from traveling to the past due to having fulfilled her purpose), she continued going to high school with Ayumi and her friends until they graduated.


Ayumi was the most naive and gentle of the group of Kagome's friends. Unlike Eri and Yuka, who felt that Kagome's 'delinquent boyfriend' was bad news and were thus constantly encouraging Hōjō on his romantic pursuits of said time-traveling schoolgirl, Ayumi was almost always shown as supportive of the couple. Some of this was, of course, due to her innocent demeanor and optimism. However, she does believe that Kagome truly was in love, and that because of this any problems the couple might stumble upon may be overcome.

However, there have been times where she does side with Yuka and Eri about Kagome's relationship with Inuyasha where on a few occasions she does believe him to be a delinquent. But, after finally meeting Inuyasha for the first time she went back to fully supporting their relationship and in the process Yuka and Eri had completely changed their opinion of him and now start to support Kagome's relationship with him.


She was shown to have an interest in music, acting as the maestro to her school's choir performance during the cultural festival.[2] She is also the only one of her friends who seems to enjoy school.

Physical description

Ayumi is a slender young woman with pale skin. She has wavy shoulder-length black hair with a rectangular hairpin, and dark brown eyes. Ayumi usually is always seen wearing her green and white school uniform, also known as sailor fuku.


Eri, Yuka, and Kagome

Eri, Yuka, and Kagome are her three best friends.

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She first sees him at the cultural festival while getting Kagome for the choir performance, but she believed him to be a cosplayer and didn't say anything to him.[2] She and her friends would meet him again in Kagome's room and find him cool, believing him to be half-foreign.[1] While they waited as Kagome takes another make up exam, they meet him again as he comes to pick up Kagome and see him carrying her on his back after making her fail her exam.[3] On their way to the high school, as Kagome's backpack got stuck in the train because of the crowd, she sees Inuyasha again with his dog ears exposed and felt surprised that he can fly while carrying Kagome to get her backpack back with her entrance exam ticket in.[4] They were surprised to hear his voice after the Bone-Eater's Well disappeared near the end.[5]


Yuka: "We'll be going now. You two have fun."
Ayumi: "See ya."
―Yuka tells them to go as they'll leave and Ayumi says goodbye[src]

Eri: "What's wrong? Ms. Higurashi, what happened to her?"
Yuka: "Is Kagome missing?"
Ayumi: "We were worried about her. Because she hasn't made it to high school yet."
―Yuka, Eri, and Ayumi are worried of that happened to Kagome[src]

Eri: "Huh? I don't--"
Ayumi: "That sounds like--"
Yuka: "That was Kagome's boyfriend."
―Eri, Ayumi, and Yuka heard Inuyasha's voice[src]

"Still, if you keep up and work hard, classes sure are fun though, aren't they?"

Manga vs. Anime

  • Ayumi is not present with the rest of Kagome's friends in the earlier chapters of the manga. It isn't until Chapter 287 that she starts appearing with the other girls more frequently. In the anime, the only time Ayumi is not seen with the rest of Kagome's friends is Episode 12.


  • Ayumi, Eri, and Yuka were all names given to the girls by Sunrise, the anime company who produced the series. Rumiko Takahashi never officially gave the 3 girls names in the manga. However, she did name Hōjō.
  • Despite her name not being mentioned in the manga, Eri's and Yuka's name are somehow shown in the InuYasha profile book.[6]
  • After she graduated high school, Ayumi revealed that she would study to become an Interpreter.
  • Ayumi has the same Japanese and English voice actresses as Kokichi. She also has the same English voice actress as Ms. Higurashi.

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