A Bakeneko (化け猫ばけねこ, Ghost Cat, "Changed-cat") is a type of yōkai that consists of cats that have gained supernatural powers through long life or certain other special conditions. They are similar in their range of powers and mischievous natures to kitsune and tanuki. Legends surrounding bakeneko are generally considered as being part of a distinct, separate folklore tradition from the nekomata, whose tails split into two after reaching a certain age, such as Kirara, and the two creatures are often confused for one other, given that they both originate from ordinary cats. When Hachiemon is explaining to Miroku the difference between the Leopard Cat Tribe, who are wildcats, and other, domestic cat demons, he distinctly mentions bakeneko and nekomata as two different types of cat yōkai. A Ghost Cat Demon was sealed under the temple by a priest 100 years ago, until it was absorbed by Towa.


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