The Bakuryūha (ばくりゅう, Backlash Wave, "Explosive Stream Blast") is the ōgi (the ultimate secret technique/finishing move) of Tessaiga. The technique builds up from the the Kaze no Kizu, the base technique of Tessaiga, and can only be used by someone who has already mastered that move.[1] When an opponent with strong aura unleashes an attack, Tessaiga can use the Kaze no Kizu to engulf the enemy's attack in a twister and reverse its flow back on them, with the added power of the Kaze no Kizu.[2]

Inuyasha instinctively learned and mastered the technique while in the midst of his battle with Ryūkotsusei. The user's will must be stronger than the opponent's aura or else the technique cannot be used, as explained by Tōtōsai after Inuyasha discovered it.[2] Inuyasha also found the opponent's aura must not be too far below his own levels or else the winds that compose the technique won't even begin formation. He was soon pitted against a Lizard demon who's aura was so weak that he found himself unable to summon the Backlash Wave.[3]

The technique can also be reversed by the opponent if their power is greater than the user: When used in a battle against Sesshōmaru, Sesshōmaru being more powerful was able to easily reverse the flow of the Bakuryūha using only his aura. In the aftermath of Naraku's transformation at Mount Hakurei, Naraku was able to engulf either the Bakuryūha or the Kaze no Kizu in his own aura, turning Inuyasha's attacks back at him. It can even be outright neutralized, as the terrifyingly powerful Kirinmaru effortlessly repelled the attacks when it was used against him.



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