Bat yōkai (百鬼蝙蝠ひゃくきこうもり, "Hyakkikoumori") look quite human-like, but often have a dark or unusual skin color, and two large wings on their back. Some of them have quite human faces, like Tsukuyomaru, but most have rather demonic faces. Each of them also has two small horns on his forehead.

Similar to real bats, bat yōkai live in large groups in dark caves, and leave this only at night to eat something. Similar to vampires, they prefer to drink the blood of humans, but they also seem to have other sources of food because Tsukuyomaru has not attacked humans, and has also forbidden his clan to attack humans.

In Episode 20 of Yashahime, the real bats are shown at Hanyō Hidden Village as Shiori can talk to her little friends as an bat hanyō.

Known bat yōkai


  • During the plot, Inuyasha destroys a whole clan of bat yōkai, and probably kills all members except Shiori. More clans have not been seen since.
  • The Bat yōkais are based on Nobusuma, a type of bat yōkais in Japanese mythology.


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