The Birds of Paradise.

The Birds of Paradise (極楽鳥ごくらくちょう, "Gokurakuchō") are vicious demons that are the archenemy of the wolf-demon tribe. They live on top of a huge mountain which is their nest. They are led by a siamese bird that has a Shikon jewel shard. They appear as large pigeon-like birds with harpie-like bodies from the waist-up jutting from their bodies.

Kōga kidnaps Kagome for the main purpose of finding the Bird of Paradise that has a sacred jewel shard.

Inuyasha's Tessaiga destroys a large number of the Birds of Paradise, killing their leader with Wind Scar (after it steals its second jewel shard from Kōga), also the rest of it have been sucked by Miroku's Wind Tunnel, and it is revealed in a conversation between Ginta and Hakkaku that all the birds had been killed, suggesting there was only the one nest to begin with.

In episode 16 of Yashahime, Moroha fights these demons in a flashback. She transforms into Beniyasha and gets into a fighting rage until her powers run out. Yawaragi then has to use the Armor of the Iron Rat's Scattering Winds to destroy the rest of the swarm.


  • The name "Birds of Paradise" is never used in the manga, instead they are called "Harpies".
  • During a flashback in the 4th Movie, it is revealed that every fifty years when Hōrai Island becomes visible as the Time Barrier fades away, demons would wreak havoc the island, the Shitōshin being among them. A few Birds of Paradise can be seen among the hordes of demons.


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