Boar yōkai are similar to wild boars walking upright. They often live together in packs. They are about the same size as humans, but sometimes a little smaller or bigger. By yōkai's standards, they are not very strong. They can be dangerous to common humans, but they can usually be easily defeated by stronger opponents. However, there are also some yōkai among them, which can be stronger.

Some boar yōkai can apparently use magic to do various things. It is unknown whether it is their own magic or whether they came into possession of items that have these powers. In addition, they can also take a human form.

In the second film, Kohaku is hunted by a group of boar yōkai. Sango kills some of them with her Hiraikotsu and saves her brother.

Inuyasha and his friends later meet a boar yōkai named Chokyūkai who persecutes human girls and wants to add them to his harem.

In the manga, Hakudōshi and Entei killed a boar yōkai and stole his Naginata, after he killed a human.

Moroha, Setsuna and Towa fight against two boar yōkai named Tōkotsu and Jakotsumaru.

A boar yōkai is among the companions of Gaga Gozen, who has attacked the Hanyō Hidden Village. However, he is destroyed by Fūta and Raita, along with the other demons.

Known boar yōkai


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