Kikyo Bow & Arrow

The priestess Kikyō with a bow and arrow, her preferred weapon of choice.

Yumi () is the Japanese term for a bow, which is a flexible arc with the two ends linked by some sort of string. As used in English, yumi refers more specifically to traditional Japanese asymmetrical bows, and includes the longer daikyū (大弓) and the shorter hankyū (半弓) used in the practice of kyūdō and kyūjutsu, or Japanese archery. The yumi was an important weapon of the samurai warrior during the feudal period of Japan. It shoots Japanese arrows called ya (矢).

Mikos were known to use a special type of ceremonial bow, known as a Saigū-Yumi. Usually, this kind of bow would fire unique Sacred Arrows which were capable of slaying yōkai.

In Secret of the Divine Jewel, in the year 1000 AD, Heian period, Tsugumi have a gift of the Kamuitama by the Kami, Datara as she has the bow that she infuses with him. But during the interruption of their wedding ceremony in the Shinonome Village, and after the cat hanyō Gorai, the Lord of the Northern Lands have forced Datara to wear the demon mask that he's possessed, she used the bow to use the Lightning Arrow with the Sealing Arrow, called the "Lightning Sealing Arrow" to kill their demi-god infant and seal her husband.[1]


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