Burai (ブライ) was a yōkai that worked for Gorai.


He first encountered Inuyasha's group an Gorai's fortress at the base of Mount Mansetsu. He was ordered by not to attack them by Gorai and to let them pass.

He attacked Inuyasha and his friends at the Northern lands after he separated Janis from the group along Lake Shore Path. He was killed when Janis and the others battled him back at Gorai's fortress.

Power & Abilities

  • Enhanced Strength: Burai is strong enough to cause a tremor that is powerful enough to split up Janis from the rest of her friends.


  • Kanabō: Burai uses a large double-ended kanabō as his primary weapon. It is not shown to have a special powers and is used by Burai as a melee weapon.


"Heh, heh, heh. The Vessel of Kamui... I've finally found you. Hahaha! Witness the power of the great Burai! Take this!"

"Huh? Oops, not good. The Vessel of Kamui was the only one that fell. Oh, well. I guess I'll finish off the rest of them."

"Ah, here they come. It's just like Gorai said...The Vessel of Kamui will definitely come if you wait here."

Miroku: "As I thought, you are indeed still alive. You seemed like a fairly tough demon."
Burai: "Heh, heh, heh. You're right, I wouldn't die so easily. You see, I've come for the Vessel of Kamui. Gorai will be furious if I fail. But enough talk. Here I come!"
―Miroku was surprised that Burai has survived[src]

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