Dilemma is the 10th chapter of the InuYasha manga.


  • Kagome is seemingly killed by Yura's fire.
  • Inuyasha fights with Yura, and pierces her chest, but Yura doesn't die. She seems invincible.
  • Kagome is revealed to be alive, climbing Yura's broken lair.


  • Kagome is ensnared by Yura's flames while Inuyasha can only watch, trapped in Yura's hair. Kagome seemingly perishes in the flames, and Yura says not even her bones will remain, to Inuyasha's horror. Yura is about to use her Crimson Mist to behead Inuyasha, when the half-demon uses blades of blood, cutting off Yura's right hand. Inuyasha notices this makes the hairs binding him loosen. Inuyasha gloats she cannot control the hairs without her hand, but Yura just uses her comb to cause the skulls and hair to crash into Inuyasha. Then, Yura's severed right hand, holding her sword, attacks Inuyasha from behind, impaling him.
  • Yura mocks Inuyasha, saying that as a half-demon, he only has half-strength, and that he probably wanted to use the Shikon no Tama to become a full demon. Yura is about to behead Inuyasha, but Inuyasha plunges his fist into her chest, piercing through her. Yura teases that he shouldn't grab the bosom of a woman he just met. Yura is totally unharmed and doesn't die, and Inuyasha wonders what Yura's weakness is.
  • Yura then notices something moving and tugging on her hairs. It's Kagome, crawling up the net of hair. Yura is surprised, believing she burned the girl alive.

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