Soul Transfer is the 11th chapter of InuYasha manga.


  • Kagome discovers Yura's weakness, and destroys the comb that holds her soul, killing her.
  • Inuyasha calls Kagome by her name for the first time.


  • Yura panics when she sees Kagome is alive, and so she tries to kill her. Inuyasha takes advantage of Yura's distraction and attacks her with his claws.

    Yura's death

    Inuyasha says she seemed calm when Inuyasha ran her through, but now that Kagome is on the move, Yura seems nervous. "Is there something you don't want us to find?" Kagome shouts to Inuyasha that there's something about one of the skulls; something is inside it. Yura nervously runs off to kill Kagome, using her comb to cause all the hair and skulls to fall down.
  • Kagome gets scared and grossed out when she holds on to the skull for support. Yura angrily attacks her, slicing with her Crimson Mist, but Kagome isn't harmed, to Yura's frustration. She wonders if the girl is invincible, because she also didn't die in the flames earlier. Kagome realizes she was saved by Inuyasha's Robe of the Fire-Rat that he lent to her. Yura tries something different and makes a noose of hair around Kagome, planning to cut her head off. Inuyasha saves her by cutting off Yura's left hand. The two of them fall down into the pile of skulls and hair, but when they do, Yura's sword stabs Inuyasha in the belly. About to kill Inuyasha, Yura gloats "Fool... waste of my time. I'm Immortal!" but stops her attack. Kagome stabs at the center skull with an arrow, realizing all the hairs are coming from the skull. Yura raises her sword to kill the girl, but with a final stab of the arrow, Kagome cracks the skull, destroying a comb that was inside.
  • Suddenly, Yura disappears into dust, leaving only her sword and clothes. Inuyasha surmises that Yura hid her soul inside a comb to protect herself. Kagome feels guilty, looking at Inuyasha's injuries, since he wouldn't have been as injured if he hadn't lent her his kimono. Kagome picks up the shard of the jewel that Yura had and wonders how long it will take them to gather them all.
  • Inuyasha says "Let's go, Kagome." and Kagome is surprised and happy Inuyasha referred to her by her name. She asks if he's finally getting more friendly, and he sarcastically replies "Of course. I've always wanted a fool and a weakling for a friend." Kagome hits him on the shoulder, saying a weakling just saved his life, causing Inuyasha to fall down from his injuries comically.
  • Myōga makes his first appearance, saying that he has found lord Inuyasha at last.

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