A Mother's Face is the 13th chapter of the InuYasha manga.



  • Kagome wonders how Inuyasha's mother can be in the flying carriage above, since Inuyasha told her only moments ago that his mother had died. Suddenly, the carriage is crushed by the fist of a giant ogre. Inuyasha rushes to save his mother, but is blocked by a stream of fire from Jaken's Nintōjō. Inuyasha looks up at the white blur on the giant ogre's shoulder, recognizing Sesshōmaru. Sesshōmaru acts flattered that his younger brother Inuyasha remembers him, and when he sees Kagome cowering behind Inuyasha, he finds this amusing and makes a snide comment about Inuyasha's relationship with humans. While infuriating Inuyasha, this confirms what Kagome thought: Inuyasha's mother was a human and his father was a demon.
  • Inuyasha asks his older brother if he came all this way just to insult him, and Sesshōmaru asks Inuyasha where their father's grave is. Inuyasha realizes that Sesshōmaru is the one Myōga warned him about - the one who's trying to rob his father's grave. Inuyasha truthfully admits that he has no idea where the grave is. Sesshōmaru has the ogre squeeze Inuyasha's mother harder, but Inuyasha says he isn't going to be fooled by this trick, because his mother's been dead for years. Sesshōmaru explains that with all his power, he has the ability to bring dead souls back from the netherworld and even find them flesh. Inuyasha's mother finally speaks, telling her son not to trouble himself since she died once already. Inuyasha, now under the impression it really is his mother, uses his claws to cut off the ogre's arm and save her. He tells Kagome to flee with her, but Sesshōmaru intercepts them. Suddenly, Inuyasha's mother holds up a bright orb of energy that flashes and lights up the area.
  • Inuyasha's mother's face has no reflection.

    Inuyasha opens his eyes and finds himself in a marshy area. He sees his mother, who says they're at the crossroads between the worlds, and she brought him here so they could say goodbye. She also says that he's grown up splendidly, and she apologizes for not being there when he was younger. Kagome wakes up nearby and sees the two of them talking, but she is unable to move or speak. When she looks down into the marsh water she notices that Inuyasha's mother's face has no reflection. So whoever it is, it isn't his mother.

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  • When Sesshōmaru says that he has the ability to bring people back from the dead, he is lying. But in later chapters, it is revealed that he does have this ability due to the Tenseiga.

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