The Light of the Shikon is the 151st chapter of InuYasha manga.


  • Naraku tells Miroku that Kagura and Kanna were born of his own body, as Miroku had guessed. Also, Kagura is "Wind" and Kanna is "Nothingness".
  • Kagura is about to take Inuyasha's head with her dance of blades, Kagome fires a sacred arrow which stops the attack.
  • Naraku acknowledges Kagome is more powerful than he first thought, as Kanna was unable to contain all of her soul.
  • Kagome sees a much brighter Shikon light inside Naraku. Naraku shows off his current Shikon jewel fragment, which is much bigger than it was before. He admits that Kikyō gave him the shard, which she stole from Kagome.
  • Naraku says Kikyō desires Inuyasha's death. Kagome, sickened by Naraku's cruelty, aims an arrow at him. Shippō warns her not to shoot, or it will be reflected back at her like Hiraikotsu and the Wind Scar were. Kagome responds "My arrow only hits the bad guys!" and fires at Naraku.

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  • The image of Kagome aiming a sacred arrow on the first movie's DVD cover is taken from this chapter.

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