The Third Demon is the 154th chapter of InuYasha manga. 


  • Inuyasha & Kagome fight when Inuyasha returns after seeing Kikyō.
  • Goshinki, Naraku's 3rd and newest incarnation, kills and devours the inhabitants of a village near the hut where Inuyasha and friends are recovering. Goshinki has the ability to read minds.
  • A man tells Inuyasha's group that an Ogre with the mark of a spider on his back devoured all the
    Inuyasha saved the kids from Goshinki
    villagers. He then collapses, having been controlled by Kagura's dance of the dead.
  • Inuyasha arrives at the village and saves two children from Goshinki.

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

 Volume 16 - Mirror Image 
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