Tōkijin is the 159th chapter of Inuyasha manga.


  • Sesshōmaru comes upon Jaken, who Kaijinbō has killed. Sesshōmaru uses his Tenseiga and revives Jaken. Jaken tells him it was as if Kaijinbō was possessed by the very sword he forged.
  • Miroku notices an evil aura approaching them. Its Kaijinbō. He says his sword longs for Inuyasha's blood. He

    Kaijinbo pointed Inuyasha with Tōkijin

    explains that the blade he made, Tōkijin, was forged from Goshinki's fangs. In other words, the blade is steeped in Goshinki's hatred for Inuyasha, the half-demon who killed him.
  • Kaijinbō, wielding Tōkijin, cuts Sango's Hiraikotsu in half. Miroku exorcises Kaijinbō and splits his head open. The swordsmith gets up, unaffected.

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