Tōkijin's Choice is the 161th chapter of Inuyasha manga.


  • Inuyasha asks Tōtōsai why the new Tessaiga is so heavy. Tōtōsai says its because he used Inuyasha's fang as a bridge to repair the sword.
  • Inuyasha kills Kaijinbō, but the evil aura around Tōkijin remains.
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  • Sesshōmaru appears to claim the sword. Tōtōsai admonishes him that if he takes hold of the blade, even he will be possessed by it, but Sesshōmaru easily overpowers the evil aura of the sword and becomes its new master.
  • Sesshōmaru asks Inuyasha to draw the Tessaiga so he can test something.

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