The Scent of Blood is the 162th chapter of Inuyasha manga.


  • Sesshōmaru, wielding his new sword, Tōkijin, begins to battle Inuyasha so he can confirm something about the scent of Inuyasha's blood.
  • Inuyasha is losing to his older brother, due to the fact that he cannot properly wield the reforged heavy Tessaiga.
  • Sesshōmaru smells only half-demon blood on Inuyasha, but knows that when he battled Goshinki, his blood turned full demon. He wants to see the transformation with his own eyes.
  • Sesshōmaru disarms Inuyasha, battering Tessaiga out of his hands. Myōga tells Inuyasha he doesn't have a chance of victory without the sword, but Inuyasha ignores him and goes after Sesshōmaru with his bare fists. Sesshōmaru fires energy from his blade at Inuyasha, greatly wounding him.
  • With Inuyasha's body in peril, his demon blood takes over. Sesshōmaru notices the change in scent. Before he can attack, Tōtōsai spews flames between the two brothers so Inuyasha and the group can escape. Sesshōmaru vows revenge on Inuyasha, for making him feel an instant of fear.

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