The Fourth One is the 164th chapter of Inuyasha manga.


  • Naraku's guards are also beheaded by the new demon. Naraku, who's head is talking separate from his body, squeezes the new demon's heart. He says he values the fact that his new incarnation kills anything that moves, but warns that the next time he disrespects his creator, he'll crush his heart. Kagura remarks that even after Naraku gets his head cut off, he still won't die.
  • Kōga catches Kagome's scent, and goes to talk to her. Inuyasha & Kōga have one of their typical quarrels. Inuyasha tries to cut him down, but still can't lift the heavy Tessaiga. Kōga runs off.
  • Later that night, Kōga sees Saimyōshō and follows them, which leads him to Naraku. Naraku says the wolf demon will make a good meal for his newest incarnation.

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 Volume 17 - A Savage Cut 
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