Jūrōmaru, The Beast Boy is the 165th chapter of Inuyasha manga.


  • Kōga confronts Naraku. Naraku's newest incarnation, Jūrōmaru, is locked in a steel cage with shackles around
    Kinuyasha vol 017 ch 007 pg 122.jpg
    his arms and legs. Kōga asks him to remove the shackles so they can fight, but Naraku says he'll be enough of a challenge as he is.
  • Kōga starts to fight the incarnation, but Jūrōmaru proves to be even faster than him.
  • Inuyasha and friends come upon Kōga and Jūrōmaru. Kōga runs away from the battle.
  • Naraku removes the spell shield he had placed on Jūrōmaru.
  • Jūrōmaru cuts off Naraku's head, shocking Inuyasha and friends because he just killed his own master. Naraku's golem says that Jūrōmaru will never stop until he's killed everyone who's around him.

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