Without Shields is the 166th chapter of Inuyasha manga.


  • Inuyasha fights with Jūrōmaru. Jūrōmaru lets himself get beaten up and doesn't even fight back, which makes Inuyasha think that maybe its a trap. But then he sees Jūrōmaru is drooling, so he concludes he's not smart enough to set a trap.
  • Inuyasha attacks but something reciprocates the blow, something too far away to be Jūrōmaru. Inuyasha wonders if Naraku's newest spawn has the ability to stretch his arms or transform.
  • Kōga returns to Ginta & Hakkaku, saying he had a bad feeling about Jūrōmaru, grinning to himself that Inuyasha's probably being torn to bits by it.
  • Ginta and Hakkaku point out that if Inuyasha is in danger, that makes Kagome in danger too. Kōga punches them over the head for taking so long to mention it and rushes back toward Jūrōmaru.
  • Inuyasha thinks he slices off Jūrōmaru's arm, but doesn't feel the cut. He then sees Jūrōmaru's arm is still there, and suddenly something pierces through his stomach. Its Kagerōmaru, Naraku's fifth incarnation who lies dormant inside Jūrōmaru.

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