Pulverized is the 170th chapter of Inuyasha manga.


  • Kōga leaps toward Jūrōmaru, about to attack. Inuyasha tells him to get out of the way, as Kagerōmaru is hiding inside his brother like he was in the beginning. Kagerōmaru comes out of his brother's mouth and is about to kill Kōga.
  • Inuyasha's swings Tessaiga, and the wind scar kills both Jūrōmaru and Kagerōmaru.
  • Kagome is nice to Kōga and says she is grateful for his help in defeating the two demons. This makes Inuyasha jealous, so he and Kagome fight. Kagome "Sits!" him, and decides to go back home to her own era.
  • Naraku spies on Kikyō, because he feels he can never let his guard down so long as she's alive. When she asks him why he doesn't just kill her, Naraku says he can't find the desire in his heart to do so. Kikyō tells him its because Onigumo's heart still beats strongly within him.

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