Onigumo's Heart is the 172th chapter of Inuyasha manga.


  • Inuyasha kills the giant soul-collector that was after Kikyō.
  • Kagome wakes up back in her era and has overslept. She starts packing so she can go back to the feudal era.
  • Kikyō and Inuyasha discuss how Naraku tore them apart, and that Onigumo's heart that loves Kikyō is still inside Naraku, so he was trying to kill her in order to destroy those feelings. She explains that Naraku must also be jealous of Inuyasha because of the connection he has with Kikyō.
  • Kagome comes out of the well and sees light (from Kikyō's soul collectors) off in the distance. She goes to check out what it is, and she sees Inuyasha embracing Kikyō.

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