The Soil Shield is the 174th chapter of Inuyasha manga.


  • Kikyō tells Naraku he'll never be able to take her life because of Onigumo's heart. She then shoots him in the arm with a sacred arrow.
  • An unknown incarnation born from Naraku comes out from a jar and attacks Kikyō. He is instantly purified and dies. Kikyō explains that she has armed herself with dirt from Onigumo's cave. If Naraku touches her, Onigumo's heart will flow into him and steal his demonic powers. She says as long as Naraku is a mere hanyō with Onigumo's heart, he can never kill her.
  • Naraku thinks to himself that he wants to complete the Shikon no Tama for that very purpose: to expel his human heart, become a full yōkai, and most of all, kill Kikyō.
  • Kagome goes back to her era, feeling unwanted by Inuyasha after seeing him with Kikyō.
  • Inuyasha decides that he can't see Kagome anymore, because Kikyō died for his sake. Kagome decides she can't compete with Kikyō, and to never go back to the feudal era again.

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