The Stone Flower is the 199th chapter of the InuYasha manga.


  1. Shippō meets a young girl named Satsuki whose brother was killed in war
  2. Shippō found out shard is actually stone flower
  3. Shippō tried steel the jewel shard only got punished by Inuyasha


Satsuki thank shppo

Satsuki thanks Shippō


Inuyasha's group visits a village to investigate about the lizard demon. Shippō decides to take a look around the village and sees a young girl getting beaten up by other boys who tells her that her brother is dead. Shippō save her by disguising as a demon; the girl's name is Satsuki, who mistakes Shippō for a Tanuki (Racoon). Satsuki lost her parents and her only family was her brother who died in the war. However, she wishes that he is still alive and Shippō's shocked to learn that her brother gave her a Shikon fragment before he went out. Meanwhile, Miroku exorcises the lizard demon out of the village headman's home. Shippō tells Kagome about the Shikon jewel fragment but Sango reveals that the thing is actually a stone flower, which leaves Shippō confused. That night Shippo decides to steal the Shikon fragment before Inuyasha stops him. Shippō visits Satsuki and is shocked to see the lizard demon, disguised as her brother...

Characters in Order of Appearance[]

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