The Scarlet Blade


Volume 22 - Scroll

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Akai yaiba




Episode 74

Story and Art by Rumiko Takahashi

The Scarlet Blade is the 218th chapter of InuYasha manga.


  • The spirit of Taigokumaru attempts to killed his granddaughter.
  • Tessaiga gains its red barrier-breaking form.


After Inuyasha agrees to cutting the red stone, it glows and burns Shizu's hands. On the ground, the red stone puts up a barrier which repels Tessaiga's strike. The spirit of Taigokumaru then emerges and again tries to attack Shiori and her mother, but he is interrupted by the spirit of Tsukuyomaru who protects his family with another barrier.
Dinuyasha vol 022 ch 010 pg 175

Tsukuyomaru's ghost touched Shiori's head

Inuyasha destroys the weakened spirit of Taigokumaru while telling him to let Shiori be free, and the stone becomes sliced in half. Tessaiga turns red and gains the ability to break barriers. Kagome muses that it was because Inuyasha fought to save Shiori that her father willed to empower the sword.

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