Abandoned Castle is the 223rd chapter of InuYasha manga.


  • Kohaku turns to face Sesshōmaru. Inuyasha arrives and punches the kid in the face, hoping to snap him out of Naraku's trance.
  • Inuyasha disarms Kohaku of his weapon, not wanting to give his brother a good reason to harm the boy.
    Inuyasha was shocked when sesshomaru got kohaku's neck
    Sesshōmaru grabs the boy by his neck, about to kill him. Inuyasha says he'll destroy Sesshōmaru if he doesn't let Kohaku go.
  • Sesshōmaru notes that Kohaku's eyes show no signs of pain, or fear. He
    Sesshomaru looked at kohaku
    lets the boy go. Kohaku runs off and is picked up by Kagura. Kagome wonders why Sesshōmaru didn't kill him. He states that he knew Naraku was responsible, and refuses to play his tiresome games.
  • Later, Kikyō comes upon Naraku's abandoned castle. She says that up until now, she could always detect a hint of his demonic aura. Now, its as if he has disappeared completely.

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