Lost Scent is the 227th chapter of InuYasha manga.


  • Kōga kills the hair-ball demon who refuses to say any more about Naraku's whereabouts.
  • Ginta and Hakkaku finally catch up to the group. Kōga has them and the other wolves memorize the scent of the hair demon. Inuyasha points out that if Naraku could be tracked by his scent, he wouldn't have just left a part of his body behind as a clue. Naraku isn't stupid, he knows he is beyond being found and doesn't have to worry: that's the only reason why he'd leave someone alive who could lead his enemies to where he's hiding.
  • Kikyō continues to search for Naraku when an old man stops her. He says he's lived a wicked life and wishes to be saved. He mentions a place where all impure souls can be cleansed of their sins. He cuts off a lock of his hair and asks her to bury it on the sacred site so his soul can be saved.
  • Inuyasha and Kagome have a jealous argument about Kōga.
  • Kikyō talks to some village folk about the sacred site the old man mentioned. They tell her its called "Mount Hakurei" which means "White soul". They tell her there's a temple on the mountain that was started by a great monk hundreds of years ago. The villagers confirm what the old man said: that people say all sins, no matter how dark, will be completely washed away if you step foot on the mountain.
  • Kikyō heads towards the mountain, thinking to herself that something feels strange.

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  • Rasetsu is not given a name in the original manga, just in the anime.

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