The Ghost is the 234th chapter of InuYasha manga.


  • An old wolf is being attacked by demons who are running away from something. The old wolf is saved by Kōga. The wolf says he fled from his territory in the north because of a ghost who devours humans and demons alike. He says the ghost smells of corpses and graveyard soil, and is itself neither human nor demon. The old wolf succumbs to his wounds, and Kōga buries him. Kōga then catches the scent of Inuyasha and goes to meet with him to see if he has any leads on Naraku.
  • A giant un-dead man, Kyōkotsu, talks with Kohaku. He says he was wise to come down from the mountain before his elder brothers did. He tries to take Kohaku's shard, but Kohaku cuts off his arm for his deceit, the Saimyōshō watching them. Kyōkotsu puts his arm back on and says he values his life, even more so now because he just got it back.
  • Kyōkotsu meets Kōga, saying that the jewel shards in his legs will be his. Kōga realizes that Kyōkotsu must be the ghost the old wolf was talking about.

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