Mukotsu is the 239th chapter of the InuYasha manga.


  • Kagome, Miroku, and Sango deal with another member of the Band of Seven, Mukotsu the poison master.
  • Mukotsu surrounds his hut with a wall of poison gas so he and Kagome won't be disturbed. It is implied that he wanted to rape her.
  • Shippō is off trying to find Inuyasha (who is off chasing Jakotsu). Shippō finds him and tells him that Kagome and the others are in danger. Inuyasha rushes back to go save Kagome.
  • Kagome, who is weak from being exposed to poison, sees the jewel shard in Mukotsu's neck and stabs him in an attempt to kill him, but misses. Mukotsu begins to strangle her in anger.
  • Sango and Miroku are able to break through the poison wall to try and help Kagome, but are
    Sesshomaru kills Mukotsu in front of kagome.jpg
    eventually poisoned by Mukotsu as well. Sango's face mask that repels poison and smoke doesn't work because the poison Mukotsu uses this time enters through the eyes and skin, not by breathing.
  • As Mukotsu is about to kill Kagome, he gets slashed on the shoulder from behind. Kagome is suddenly relieved, thinking Inuyasha came back to save her, but its Sesshōmaru.

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  • this is second time that Sesshomaru would saved Kagome and others after Rin.

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