Naraku's Pursuers is the 240th chapter of InuYasha manga.


  • Mukotsu is confused about Sesshōmaru's sudden appearance, as he was told his only enemies were Inuyasha's group and Kōga.
  • Mukotsu uses some of his most powerful poison on Sesshōmaru, but it has no effect. Sesshōmaru then kills Mukotsu with his Tōkijin.
  • Inuyasha arrives and sees Kagome and the others collapsed from poison next to Sesshōmaru, but Kagome explains that he actually saved them. Sesshōmaru states he didn't mean to, Mukotsu was just in his way. The two brothers then exchange information about Naraku's whereabouts.
  • Rin sees Kohaku, but wonders if she should tell lord Sesshōmaru, because he might try to kill him again.
  • Jakotsu and Renkotsu talk in a Bhuddist temple. Renkotsu tells him that the leader of the Band of Seven was given seven sacred jewel shards in order to resurrect the Band of Seven, and that they get to keep the shards and stay alive if they destroy all of Naraku's enemies. Renkotsu also says another member of the seven is heading toward Inuyasha, hoping to lure him back to the temple.

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