Renkotsu's Temple is the 242nd chapter of InuYasha manga.


  • Kagome tries to warn Shippō that the monk is one of the Band of Seven, but she can't speak because of incense that Renkotsu is burning.
  • Inuyasha and Ginkotsu continue to battle. Eventually Inuyasha is able to bury Ginkotsu with his windscar. He runs off in the direction of Kagome's scent, becoming worried when he catches the scent of corpses and graveyard soil along with it.
  • Inuyasha comes upon Renkotsu (disguised as a monk) burying bodies. Renkotsu says he has been expecting him.
  • Inuyasha is relieved to see Kagome safe. Renkotsu says the people he was burying were burned to death by one of the Band of Seven, and he was the only survivor. Inuyasha is suspicious at first, but can't smell corpses  or graveyard soil coming from the monk, so he decides to trust him. Renkotsu asks what Inuyaasha knows about why the Band of Seven were resurrected. Inuyasha answers, explaining that Naraku is probably just using them as shields to buy time so he can rebuild his body.
  • Ginkotsu fires on the temple, surviving Inuyasha's windscar somehow. Renkotsu takes Kagome's jewel shards, telling her, Miroku, and Sango that they can all die now.

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