The Burial Mound is the 245th chapter of InuYasha manga.


  • Inuyasha and Myōga make a special potion to help Kagome, Miroku and Sango regain the blood they've lost. It smells and tastes terrible.
  • Kōga comes to see Kagome, trampling over Inuyasha as usual. Kōga says that Inuyasha is unable to protect Kagome, because Kagome's hands feel cold and clammy, and her skin that's usually so pink and rosy is white like a fish's belly.
  • Villagers ask Kikyō to perform an absolution on the burial mound of the Band of Seven, but Kikyō only pretends to do so because the mound is actually totally pure. She remarks that it must be because of the purity of mount Hakurei. She later senses a Shikon Jewel shard, and comes upon a village at the foot of the mountain, meeting Suikotsu, the doctor in the village who happens to have a shikon shard. She seems confused because the shard embedded in his neck is completely pure, without a trace of evil in it. Why would a man so pure have a jewel shard?
  • Inuyasha and Miroku discuss their next move. Inuyasha says they'll track the scent of corpses and graveyard soil and search for the remaining members of the Band of Seven. He vows to destroy them all.
  • Suikotsu explains that he takes care of orphaned children who lost their parents due to war and famine. Kikyō decides to stay behind in the village and observe Doctor Suikotsu.

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