The Unsullied Light is the 246th chapter of InuYasha manga.


  • Inuyasha and the others head in the direction of a Shikon shard that Kagome senses. She says it's a pure shard, unlike all the other ones they've encountered so far.
  • Doctor Suikotsu and Kikyō help treat a wounded villager. Suikotsu becomes ill at the sight of too much blood.
  • Suikotsu and two of the orphans are out collecting herbs when Inuyasha's group arrives and Inuyasha begins to question him. Suikotsu denies being one of the Band of Seven and says he is a physician, but Inuyasha is convinced its a lie, just like the trick Renkotsu pulled when he disguised himself as a monk.
  • Meanwhile, a villager tells Kikyō a story that one of the Band of Seven had the same name as Suikotsu. When Kikyō suggests that Doctor Suikotsu is one of the Band of Seven, the villager disagrees, saying they can't be the same person, as they have totally opposite personalities. He said he was there when the Band of Seven got executed, and their Suikotsu looked like a demon, nothing like Doctor Suikotsu.
  • The village is under attack by Renkotsu, Jakotsu, and a newly repaired Ginkotsu. They say they've come to pick up Suikotsu. The Doctor asks them who they are, and why they're attacking the village. Kikyō wonders just what is going on, as she believes Suikotsu isn't lying.

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