Suikotsu is the 247th chapter of InuYasha manga.


Suikotsu's reawakening - Chap247

Suikotsu reawakens

  • Inuyasha and the others head off when they see the village is under attack. They run into Kikyō.
  • Renkotsu orders Jakotsu to take care of Suikotsu, while he and Ginkotsu take care of Inuyasha. When Renkotsu spews fire at Inuyasha, the half-demon laughs, saying the flames aren't even hot. Renkotsu then covers the group with a net of fire, saying it might not be hot to Inuyasha, but it is to his friends, taunting him, saying his weakness is his affinity for protecting mortals.
  • Jakotsu tells Suikotsu to "wake up", and Kikyō shoots Jakotsu with a sacred arrow, missing by a hair. Renkotsu pronounces the priestess a bothersome distraction, ordering Ginkotsu to shoot her. Inuyasha tries to go and save her, but once again Renkotsu won't allow him to escape their battle.
  • Doctor Suikotsu sees the children coming back to the village and tells them to run away. Jakotsu sees them and swings his sword at them. The Doctor jumps in front of them and takes the blow, protecting them.
  • Kagome suddenly senses that Suikotsu's shard has turned black. Suikotsu, who had been asking if the children are unharmed, suddenly grabs one by their neck, tossing them away. Inuyasha asks who the hell he is. Suikotsu turns around, his face an entirely new frightening countenance, saying "Who me? Hehe, I am Suikotsu of the Band of Seven!" Jakotsu says its about time he woke up.

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