The Two Souls is the 248th chapter of InuYasha manga.


  • Everyone in Inuyasha's group is confused as to what has happened to Suikotsu. Miroku suggests that he may have two different souls in one body. Kagome agrees, saying that in the modern era its called having "Multiple Personalities".
  • Renkotsu gives Suikotsu his old weapons back, a pair of gloves with blades on the ends which resemble claws. Inuyasha and Suikotsu start to battle.
  • Ginkotsu is about to run over Kikyō, which distracts Inuyasha, allowing Suikotsu to wound him. Miroku goes and saves Kikyō.
  • The village children return, making Suikotsu upset, his other self wishing to come out again. The Band of Seven retreats for now, having come only to pick up Suikotsu.
  • Kikyō lays unconscious because her soul-collectors cannot come any closer to replenish her strength, so the group decides they need to move her away from the mountain.
  • Kikyō talks to the group about why Suikotsu's shard was pure when all the others were so tainted. She says it is because of purity of the land.

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