Sanctuary's Edge


Volume 26 - Scroll 4

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Seiiki no Sakaime







Story and Art by Rumiko Takahashi

Sanctuary's Edge is the 252nd chapter of InuYasha manga.


  • The Band of Seven faces off against Inuyasha's group. Inuyasha fights Bankotsu, Miroku fights Suikotsu, Kōga fights Renkotsu, and Sango fights Jakotsu.
  • Kagome sees that Renkotsu still has the sacred jewel shards he stole from her. Renkotsu realizes this, and knows that if anyone else finds out that he has the jewel shards, Bankotsu will be very unhappy. He has Ginkotsu fire on her, but Kōga saves her.
  • Meanwhile, Sesshōmaru and his group are at the foot of Mount Hakurei. He's tracked the scent of Kohaku to the mountain. Sesshōmaru, being a demon, is also unable to get too close to the mountain or he will be exorcised.
  • Rin sees Kohaku walking up the mountain and follows him into a cave. Jaken is unable to follow her because she has gone through the barrier.
  • Saimyōshō appear to the Band of Seven, signaling them to retreat. Bankotsu says he wants to finish Inuyasha off first. Inuyasha uses his windscar on Bankotsu.

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