The Dokko


Volume 26 - Scroll 9

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Story and Art by Rumiko Takahashi

The Dokko is the 257th chapter of InuYasha manga.

Synopsis Edit

  • Bankotsu cockily asks Inuyasha to try using the windscar on him again. Inuyasha glad
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    ly does, but Bankotsu's polearm is able to parry it, his Banryū now possessing demonic power due to the sacred jewel shards.
  • Hakushin's Dokko suddenly flies off the ground and strikes Inuyasha's Tessaiga, transforming it back into its plain rusty state. This confirms that Saint Hakushin is an ally of Naraku.
  • Inuyasha is trying to fend off Bankotsu with the regular non-transformed Tessaiga, but is at an obvious disadvantage. He says that their fight is dirty, and Bankotsu responds saying " Don't be naive! There's no such thing as 'dirty' in death match!"
  • Kagome fires a sacred arrow at Bankotsu which hits him in the arm, reducing it back to bones. The Dokko suddenly gets next to Bankotsu, and they slowly start to fade away, teleporting off of the island. Inuyasha tries to stop him, but Bankotsu is protected by the Dokko's (and thus, Hakushin's) barrier.
  • The group discusses why a holy person like Saint Hakushin would aid an evil demon like Naraku.

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