Faces is the 260th chapter of InuYasha manga.



  • Inuyasha and Kagome see Kōga crushed under mechanical parts, gravely injured after a mutual strike with Ginkotsu.Shippō wonders if the wolf is dead, but Inuyasha says Kōga is tough, and a full-fledged demon on top of that, so this couldn't have done him in. Kōga wakes up, and then Inuyasha and the others help dig him out of the rubble.
  • Renkotsu lies injured after his fight with Kōga. He was able to get a hold of Ginkotsu's jewel shard during the explosion but knows that if he chooses to use it, Bankotsu will just take it from him. He decides to use the shard anyway, saying that Bankotsu will just have to live without this one. As he puts the second jewel shard into his body, all of his wounds miraculously heal, and he thinks to himself that the shards of the jewel are truly astounding, and that he needs more of them. Renkotsu knows Kōga was also badly injured from their previous battle, and thinks now is the perfect opportunity to steal the shards in his legs.
  • Sesshōmaru battles with Jakotsu.

    Sesshōmaru continues his fight with Jakotsu, while Jaken protects Rin from Suikotsu. The imp uses his Nintōjō on Suikotsu, burning part of the bridge, but Suikotsu survives. The bridge then collapses: Suikotsu, Rin and Jaken falling from the cliff down into the river below.
  • When Sesshōmaru turns his back to Jakotsu in order to save Rin, the un-dead swordsman sees an opportunity to attack, noting that Rin is Sesshōmaru's weakness. He swings his sword at the demon, but Sesshōmaru bounces the sword back at him, almost killing Jakotsu, "missing him by a hair". Sesshōmaru hops down the cliff to save Rin, and is reuinited with Jaken (who was playing dead, fearing his punishment for losing Rin). Sesshōmaru discovers that Rin's scent has been washed away by the river.
  • Rin wakes up in the arms of Doctor Suikotsu. She is frightened at first, but then realizes that he's changed, and that his face is different than before. Doctor Suikotsu offers to take her to his village until her companions come looking for her. She agrees to follow him, thinking that he doesn't seem very dangerous.

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