The Tainted Gleam is the 262nd chapter of InuYasha manga.


  • Kikyō talks with the village orphans and they tell her Suikotsu has changed again.
  • Sesshōmaru fights Jakotsu. He 'kills' both him and Suikotsu, but because they have jewel shards they don't die as easily as he thought.
  • Suikotsu is about to kill Rin and Sesshōmaru rushes to save her. Kikyō shoots Suikotsu with a sacred arrow.


  • Kikyō senses that the light of Suikotsu's shard has changed, so she heads toward the mountain, having some difficultly doing so because of the barrier. She sees all the slain villagers and then talks to the orphans of the village. They tell her Suikotsu did it, and he has changed personalities once again.
  • Jakotsu battles with Sesshōmaru, mocking him because he acts very prideful as if the barrier isn't affecting him, even though little by little he's trying to move away from the mountain. It is affecting him.
  • Sesshōmaru is hesitant to attack because Suikotsu is holding Rin hostage, so if he does anything odd, Suikotsu will kill her. Suikotsu tells his comrad to hurry up and finish Sesshōmaru, because he's just itching to slaughter the girl. He says even though he couldn't kill the orphans earlier, he's sure he'll be able to kill Rin. Jakotsu tells Suikotsu not to move away from the mountain. He also says both Sesshōmaru and the girl will die, its all just a matter of time.
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    Sesshōmaru's impressive maneuver.

    When Jakotsu swings his sword, Sesshōmaru pulls off an impressive maneuver, tossing away his Tōkijin and impaling Suikotsu with it, then dashing forward through Jakotsu's blades and piercing his arm through Jakotsu's chest. Rin crawls out of Suikotsu's arms thinking he's dead, only to be grabbed by him again. Jakotsu chuckles, saying that Sesshōmaru underestimated them and that they cannot die so easily.
  • Suikotsu is about to kill Rin, and Jakotsu says Sesshōmaru will never be in time as he rushes to save her. Suddenly Kikyō's arrow strikes Suikotsu in the neck, paralyzing him by his Shikon shard, saving Rin. 
  • Suikotsu talks to Kikyō, returning to his Good Doctor personality when Kikyō purified his shard with her arrow.

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