Suikotsu's Memory is the 263rd chapter of InuYasha manga.


  • Doctor Suikotsu begs Kikyō to take out his Shikon shard, because he doesn't want to turn into his evil
    Sesshomaru rin and kikyo looking at suitkostu
    side and start killing people again; he wants to be at peace. Kikyō is about to take out the shard, but hesitates. Jakotsu's sword suddenly cuts off Suikotsu's head and takes the jewel shard, not wanting Kikyō to get it. Jakotsu runs off.
  • Rin thanks Kikyō for saving her and then runs back to Sesshōmaru, the two of them walking back down the mountain. Kikyō decides to leave the mountain as well, her strength running low due to the barrier. Sesshōmaru notes that Kikyō also smells like a corpse, and that she must be the priestess who bound Inuyasha to a tree. This is the first time the two meet.
  • Sango and Miroku are still climbing Mount Hakurei. Kohaku is spying on them through Kanna's mirror. He remembers Sango's face and hopes he doesn't have to fight her.
  • Kōga wakes up, having been badly injured after his fight with Ginkotsu. He gets mad because he stinks of dog, since Inuyasha carried him. Inuyasha took a dip as well, wanting to get the stench of wolf off of himself.
  • Inuyasha and Kagome are about to leave, letting Kōga recover inside the cave where they'd been staying, but then Kagome senses sacred jewel shards, and Inuyasha smells gunpowder. The river that flows outside the cave suddenly gets cut off and fire spreads from upstream, creating a whirlpool of flames.
  • Renkotsu appears, determined to take Kōga's jewel shards.

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