The River of Fire is the 264th chapter of InuYasha manga.


  • Renkotsu attacks Kōga, Inuyasha, Kagome and the others because he wants Kōga's jewel shards.
  • Renkotsu lights two sticks of dynamite, planning on blowing everyone to bits out of desperation.


  • Renkotsu says that he's poured plenty of oil into the river and set it aflame, so there's nowhere for Kōga to escape to. Kagome sees that Renkotsu now has two shikon shards in his neck, so he must be using the one from Ginkotsu.
  • Kōga wants to fight since he has unfinished business with Renkotsu, but Kagome doesn't allow it because the wolf is badly injured. Inuyasha goes to fight instead, leaving Kagome his robe of the fire-rat as protection from the flames, and then goes to battle Renkotsu.
  • Renkotsu fires from a hand-cannon as Inuyasha leaps in the air, blasting the half-demon back down, but Kirara catches him. They're circling around to attack again, but then Renkotsu cleverly fires on a nearby cliff, making the rocks fall ontop of Inuyasha and Kirara. He then fires at the cave where Kōga and the others are watching the fight, hoping to kill them from afar.
  • Renkotsu goes down to collect his prize; Kōga's jewel shards. He finds Kagome, Kōga, Ginta, Hakkaku and Shippō all dead, and smiles at his success. He reaches down to take out Kōga's shards when the wolf kicks him in his teeth, also knocking away Renkotsu's hand-cannon. Kōga says that Renkotsu is way too easy to fool; all of them were just playing dead. They were able to survive the fiery blast by hiding under Inuyasha's robe of the fire-rat, (which Kōga wasn't thrilled about.)
  • Renkotsu refuses to give up because he needs more power in order to defeat Bankotsu, and he can't win without Kōga's shards. If Bankotsu finds out he's using Ginkotsu's shard, he'll be killed. In an act of desperation, Renkotsu pulls out two sticks of dynamite, prepared to blow himself up along with the others, confident that he alone will survive because he was revived with Shikon shards. Inuyasha suddenly appears, much to Renkotsu's surprise. Confident that he won't die, Renkotsu lights the dynamite. Inuyasha yells for Kōga to kick Renkotsu toward him, then Inuyasha grabs Renkotsu and brings him out of the cave. Suddenly, the dynamite explodes.

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