The Mountain Cave is the 265th chapter of InuYasha manga.


  • Kagome worries about Inuyasha, fearing the worst since he got caught up in the explosion with Renkotsu.
  • Kōga says "As if the puppy wasn't blown into a million pieces." He instantly regrets this when Kagome starts to cry. Kagome blames herself for what happened because Inuyasha let her borrow the Robe of the Fire-rat, which is Inuyasha's armor. Kōga says she shouldn't blame herself; nobody would want to wear something that stinks of dog, when suddenly Inuyasha whacks the wolf over the head for that remark. Everyone is relieved to see him alive and well.
  • Inuyasha says that Renkotsu threw the dynamite away at the last second, fearing for his own life. Kōga and Inuyasha start to fight as per usual when Kagome suddenly throws herself on Inuyasha, saying she's so glad he's okay. Kōga gets jealous and Inuyasha is smug because its obvious she likes him better.
  • Renkotsu walks down the river in shame after being defeated by Inuyasha. He knows that if Bankotsu finds out he's using Ginkotsu's shard, he'll most likely be killed. He runs into Bankotsu, and is informed that Suikotsu has died. This worries Renkotsu because his leader is getting all the shards. Bankotsu acts as if nothing is out of the ordinary, though, saying that the there are only three members of the Band of Seven left; Himself, Renkotsu and Jakotsu. Bankotsu says he'll be relying on Renkotsu now more than ever. Renkotsu thinks his 'big brother' is aware that he is using Ginkotsu's shard, but still has a use for him so he's keeping him alive... for now.
  • Miroku and Sango continue their ascent of Mount Hakurei. They enter a mountain cave after Miroku senses an evil aura coming from deep within it.
  • Kagura, who is deep within the cave, complains about how she's been cooped up in the mountain, because unlike Kanna, she exudes a demonic aura, and if she steps outside the barrier she'll be instantly purified. She sees Miroku and Sango running in the cave with the power of Kanna's Mirror. She thinks to herself that she hasn't played with them for a long time.

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