The Corridor is the 266th chapter of InuYasha manga.


  • Miroku and Sango continue their investigation inside Mount Hakurei and are attacked by a horde of demons. Miroku is about to use his Kazaana, but the Saimyōshō appear, confirming that Naraku is inside the mountain. Kagura attacks them, destroying a stairway inside the mountain, separating the two humans. Sango tells Miroku to go on without her, but he refuses.
  • Sango throws her Hiraikotsu at Kagura, but being a wind sorceress, Kagura just blows it back at her. Sango sees Kohaku, which distracts her long enough to get hit by her own weapon.
  • Miroku rushes to her side as demons still attack them. He opens the wind tunnel, not caring about the Saimyōshō's poison, wanting to protect the woman he loves. He starts to feel pain as the venom circulates through him, wondering if this is the end.
  • Kagome and Inuyasha are outside of Mount Hakurei again, awaiting Miroku and Sango's return, worried since they should be back by now. Inuyasha decides to go after them, which Kagome instantly objects to because he'll be purified by the demon-repelling barrier. Inuyasha says he's only half-demon, so he thinks he'll be able make it through the holy shield.

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