The Limit is the 267th chapter of InuYasha manga.


  • Inuyasha insists on going up the mountain to check on Miroku and Sango, but Kagome still thinks its a bad idea. Inuyasha says he's going regardless and she should just accept it. Kōga has been hiding behind a boulder, spying on them, and Inuyasha tells him to protect Kagome while he's away. The wolf agrees, so Inuyasha starts to run further up Mount Hakurei, thinking to himself that the barrier is even worse than he thought.
  • Meanwhile, Miroku is protecting Sango's unconscious body from demons, threatening them with his wind tunnel even though he's already taken in copious amounts of the Saimyōshō's poison. Miroku, carrying Sango on his back, runs away from the demons, knowing that if he opens his wind tunnel again and sucks in more venom, he will die. Kagura lets them go, because she knows Naraku isn't in the direction the Monk is headed, so it doesn't matter. Miroku trips and falls, with the lesser demons still behind him. He silently asks Sango to forgive him as the demons approach them.
  • Jakotsu meets up with Bankotsu and gives him the shard from Suikotsu's neck. Bankotsu curiously asks "You're giving it to me?" Jakotsu responds by saying Bankotsu told them that if they ever got any shikon shards to hand them over to him. Bankotsu calls Jakotsu a good brother because of his loyalty (obviously because he knows Renkotsu is very un-loyal), and says he's the only person left he can trust.
  • Inuyasha is running up the mountain and reaches a point where his body is paralyzed because its too dangerous to go on any further. As Inuyasha wonders what he should do, Renkotsu comes along, taunting Inuyasha that he didn't even realize he was being followed; His skills have been dulled by the barrier. Renkotsu fires at the half-demon, pushing him further into the holy shield, purifying Inuyasha. Renkotsu smirks, only to see Inuyasha is still alive.
  • Inuyasha now has black hair and has transformed into a human. Only his demonic energy was purified, leaving him a mere mortal, and it isn't even the night of the new moon.

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