Hakushin the Holy is the 268th chapter of InuYasha manga.


  • Renkotsu is surprised to see Inuyasha in his mortal state, but on the bright side, he says he'll be much easier to kill. Inuyasha runs away, thinking to himself that he doesn't have time to mess with Renkotsu; he has to find Miroku and Sango.
  • Miroku collapsed.

    Sango wakes up next to an unconscious Miroku, remembering what happened. She see's the Monk's hand clasped, realizing he must have opened the wind tunnel and sucked in the Saimyōshō. The demons are still behind them, about to attack, so Sango wakes up Miroku, who tells her to go on because he's as good as dead due to the poison. She says she'd rather stay and they die together. They share a romantic moment together, and then Miroku starts to feel better somehow. He notices the demons aren't attacking, and wonders why, then sees one of the demons get too close and become purified. He realizes that Sango and himself are standing on the thresh-hold of the barrier, so the demons couldn't get any closer. Miroku also thinks that the holy aura must've been able to cleanse the poison within his body, and that's why he started to feel better so soon after taking in Saimyōshō venom. He and Sango continue searching through the mountain.
  • Renkotsu has Inuyasha cornered against a side of the mountain and fires on him. He goes to look for the corpse but can't find it. Then he sees a slight gap between the rocks which leads inside the mountain; Inuyasha was able to squeeze through and escape before Renkotsu fired on him. Jakotsu runs into Renkotsu.
  • Renkotsu asks Jakotsu what he did with Suikotsu's jewel shard. Jakotsu says he gave it to Bankotsu, which makes Renkotsu worry even more. He thinks Jakotsu's shard will eventually end up in Bankotsu's hands, too. He vows not to let that happen, as he needs it to defeat his elder brother. Renkotsu then tells Jakotsu about Inuyasha's transformation. Jakotsu chases after Inuyasha and finds him, calling his human form cute. He asks Inuyasha for a rematch.
  • Miroku and Sango come upon a mountain temple, which the monk thinks is the center of the barrier. Then they see the living-Buddha mummy, which is Saint Hakushin. Suddenly Hakushin opens his eyes and asks "Who goes there?".

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