The Mountain Changes is the 270th chapter of InuYasha manga.


  • Jakotsu casually walks toward Inuyasha, who is running away, practically limping due being injured and losing so much blood. Inuyasha stops walking, as if about to fall, but then quickly turns around and thrusts his sword at Jakotsu, aiming for the Shikon shard in his neck. Jakotsu dodges it though, punching Inuyasha in the gut with the hilt of his sword, making him drop the Tessaiga. Jakotsu puts his foot ontop of the sword, saying "That rusty thing will do you no good." Inuyasha is about to pass out, but Jakotsu says he isn't allowed to; he wants to hear Inuyasha scream.
  • Hakushin tells Miroku that its hopeless, a novice monk cannot hope to break his barrier. Miroku responds by saying he's no ordinary monk, and then opens his Kazaana, which doesn't work on Hakushin at first, but then it sucks in Hakushin's prayer beads, dispelling the holy barrier.
  • In a field outside of the mountain, Kikyō senses that the aura of the mountain is getting weaker, and then she sees something coming out from inside the mountain.
  • The demons that were locked up inside Mount Hakurei suddenly become very agitated as they sense that the barrier is dispelled and that they can now leave. Inuyasha transforms back into a Half-Demon, grabbing his Tessaiga as it transforms into its fang-sword state, thinking to himself that he came to save Miroku and Sango, but they ended up saving him. He says Jakotsu should have killed him when he had the chance before he regained his demonic powers.
  • The two of them continue to fight, Jakotsu says he wants Inuyasha's dog ears for a souvenir, and Inuyasha is sickened by his words as usual. Jakotsu swings his sword as it wraps around Inuyasha, saying all he has to do is tug on the blade and Inuyasha will be diced into pieces. Before Jakotsu has a chance to finish him, Inuyasha uses his windscar.

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