The Pulse is the 271st chapter of InuYasha manga.


Jakotsu is killed-C271
  • Inuyasha uses his windscar on Jakotsu and then runs further into the cave after catching the scent of Naraku. Jakotsu survives the attack though, due to his Shikon shard, but most of his body is buried underneath sheet-rock that broke off from the ceiling of the cave, rendering him immobile. Renkotsu comes along and says he's sorry to his comrade and then takes out Jakotsu's shard, needing it in order to defeat Bankotsu, vowing that he will do whatever it takes to stay alive, even betray his own allies.
  • Kikyō goes after what she saw come out of Mount Hakurei. It's Hakushin, who fled after being defeated by Miroku. They speak to each other, and Kikyō asks if he was the one protecting Naraku. He says yes, and tells her the story he told Miroku and Sango, how when he was in the ground he became filled with doubt and fear, and how Naraku convinced him to hate the people who asked for his death. Kikyō then asks Hakushin if his true wish was to hate mankind and serve a demon. She says that there are no souls in this world who have not felt doubt and fear, and that she tried to live as if she could not feel those emotions when she was alive. Kikyō says that because she is also dead, she can sympathize with Hakushin's feelings. She asks him if she can touch his soul to try and put him at peace.
  • Inuyasha runs toward Naraku's scent as the mountain begins to rumble. With every strong quake within the mountain, the stench of Naraku growing stronger.

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 Volume 27 - The Rebirth of Naraku 
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