The Sanctuary Destroyed is the 272nd chapter of InuYasha manga.


  • Renkotsu walks through the pulsing mountain, deciding to use Jakotsu's jewel shard. He walks outside of the mountain only to find Bankotsu there, waiting for him. He knows that Bankotsu is using his own, Kyōkotsu's, Mukotsu's, and Suikotsu's shards, four total. His halberd, Banryū has the two shards from Kagome. Renkotsu has his own shard, Ginkotsu's, and Jakotsu's, so if he keeps Bankotsu away from Banryū they'll be about even. He's about to make his move when suddenly Bankotsu pulls out two Shikon shards from Renkotsu's neck, saying that the "Intellectual" types are always the stupid ones; he didn't strike in time because he was thinking too much. Renkotsu asks "Why kill me?"
  • Bankotsu was told by a Saimyōshō that Renkotsu killed Jakotsu, all for a Shikon shard. Renkotsu asks what the difference is between what Bankotsu's doing and what he's done for the shards. Bankotsu takes out Renkotsu's shard, reducing him back to nothing but bones, saying that the difference is simple; He never killed one of his own allies for it. Bankotsu sighs, now the only member of the Band of Seven left alive.
  • Kikyō touches Hakushin's soul, stating that she feels none of the things he insists are there, like hatred
    Hakushin was hugged by kikyo
    for mankind and resentment towards the world. All she feels within his soul is sadness, sadness for a weak heart that longed for more out of life. Kikyō says that he's done enough for the world and should move on, finally be at peace. He asks if he truly can, and she nods. Hakushin closes his eyes and his soul ascends to the heavens.
  • Upon Hakushin's final departure, the last bit of power that was holding the barrier together dissolves, making hundreds of demons seep out of the mountain, because they can now leave without fear of being purified. Kagome and Kōga watch as the demons pour out from the mountain, as do Sesshōmaru and Jaken.
  • Inuyasha is still in the mountain, running toward the scent of Naraku, but he's stopped by none other than Bankotsu, who says "Sorry Inuyasha, you won't be meeting Naraku... 'cause you won't be getting past me."

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